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High Point Poem from Blue Bay

High Point Yacht Fest in September, in year two thousand fourteen
The very best week to imagine that there really ever has been
With phenomenal bright sunny weather and sparklingly clear blue sea
We’ve gathered in Gocek near Dalaman in Southerly Western Turkey.
Brian is up and spoons Marmalade to spread on toast for his breaky
There might be some left over if you should be so lucky!
First outing is to Wall Bay, Philip skipper for the day
With swirly winds so fluky along our tortuous way.
A cooling warm swim follows, then music entertainment
By guitar Evert, ‘Les Chanson’ Martine…we are brimming with contentment.
To anticipate the morrow – David tapes up practice list
Mainsheet, traveller, vang, outhaul (Dougie…surely not piss’t?)
Boynuz Buku is our next aim and here is where we anchor
For Philip’s curry and team bonding, for this is what we hanker
Our game of BLOB completes the eve; we are full out of reckoning
David won – 2 blobs…oh no! Tank emptying is beckoning!
Sarsala is a well-known haunt and our sail there was all we wished for.
With many boats we moor stern-to and deliciously eat ashore
Waiters run down and up the hill…. and later oh please don’t alert.
Its skinnies Dougie and Siobhan, Fenella, Dave H and Evert
Time to restock in Fethiye…. we are running low on supplies
Fish market, buy spices, Delights – outdoor restaurant a pleasant surprise
We visit Car Cemetery with cocktails and dance till our hearts are content
Chat ‘Rabbit Starts’ with John HH, and stars in clear skies, heaven sent
Next day thro’ the irons we sail –“in the groove”, moremore moremore’n more
Dougie starts to surface (!) Brian always attentive, teas to pour
Gemiler, magic Isle, Byzantine churches, an unbelievable sight
The views from the top are spectacular as you climb to the very top height
We are rafted along, side-by-side, for the gourmet meal get-together
Helen prepares chicken casserole and we could eat it forever and ever
Thank you dear Helen, so yummy as the flavours continue enhancing
And we mingle between all the crews and end up with some people dancing.
Last day, can’t be true, gone so fast – short race to return to Gocek
The sailing and swimming immeasurable. Then Farewell party – oh heck!
Thank you to the committee, Skip Philip, co-Skip Evert as well
For the week couldn’t have been more successful – it’s been absolutely swell.



Postscript, by another hand:

Let’s not forget Fenella, a demon at the wheel
Handy at the trimming too even on the heel
If blokes can do it so can she   - at least will have a try
Just see her at the winches – powerful? Oh my!
Seen often in the water she loves to swim and float
Most certainly an asset to our jolly sailing boat

Skipper Philip