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Andrew Grogono, HPYF 2008, Gocek, Turkey

What a fun week! Relaxing in the tranquil bays in the evenings, enjoying local food and wine, followed by a race or two every day, with almost every imaginable detail taken care of. It all adds up to a new way of enjoying different sailing areas without the stress of working out detailed navigation plans or worrying about finding the best restaurant at the end of the day! Let me know when you have your 2009 plans ready!
Martin Suter, HPYF 2008, Gocek, Turkey

As I write this report as the winner of the 1st High Point Yacht Fest, and rumour has it, commodore for 2009, I can still hardly believe my achievement and the wonderful holiday we all had... I must say at this point, that the High Point organisation was notably very efficient, leaving nothing to chance and with no hidden surprises...Rabbit starts, once we got the gist, made for safer sailing too.

Spyro Sorotos, HPYF 2008, Gocek, Turkey

Thanks for organising a great week, lots of fun. Most people do not realise how much time and effort goes into producing such events.Look forward to hearing more details about next years event.

Duncan Macphee, HPYF 2008, Gocek, Turkey

Congratulations on the first High Point YachtFest event in Turkey - a great success.  The venue and organization was superb with every detail seen to including the weather and dolphins on the first day!  The size of the fleet ensured all crews became acquainted and were able to socialize together in small, idyllic bays and beach restaurants each evening.   The combination of a flotilla style sailing week with an element of competition each day makes Highpoint a truly unique event - a sportive flotilla.   I look forward to future years.

Diederik Persijn, HPYF 2009, Croatia

Hi Sasha, I enjoyed it very much!! It sure did me very, very good (even my forced swim in the Hvar harbour)! Instead of being exhausted, this holiday has given me a boost of energy of which I hope will last long. Most of all I loved the exceptional nice personal contacts with all those kind, friendly people; I really felt at home with them. It was really heartwarming how everyone accepted me immediately as a team member and your and everyone’s concerns for my wellbeing. The sailing and  the environment of course gave me a satisfied feeling, I really wouldn’t want to have missed. I think to be pretty sure to return once (maybe next year?) and have a real close look of the beauty of the region. Loved the view and atmosphere of those lovely historic towns. I think you’ve done a very very good job taking care of everyone. It must’ve been very intense and fatiguing for you, so I’m sure of. But after all I think you also enjoyed it a lot, at least saw you laugh a lot!! Thanks again very much!!

Jakalyn James, HPYF 2009, Croatia

Just a note to say a big thank you! Back to the grind stone this morning, only 75 emails which is not too bad. Thanks again for a memorable week.

John Hall Hall, HPYF 2009, Croatia

Thanks for the kind words!!  I think it was a great week we had and we got just the right weather as the perfect backdrop.  All that is needed is to add great people and sprinkle some beer, wine, etc and we have a great time! It was great to have you and your crew there and I am looking forward to next years event already.  Hopefully the same formula but maybe a few more boats.

Carolyn, the Commodoress, HPYF 2010, Sardinia & Corsica

Hey you all!We, flying Dutchies..., thank you all for this great week we all had! Sasha & John for organizing and the rest for letting us win!! Especially Colin and crew........ :-)
Lets hope we see you all next year!! Looking forward to welcome you as the CommodorES!

Jakalyn James, HPYF 2010, Sardinia & Corsica

Hello Everybody,It certainly was a fantastic  week so thank you all .

Colin Ford, HPYF 2010, Sardinia & Corsica

I can only echo the sentiments voiced so far, It was great to meet you all, I had a fantastic time both sailing and the apres sail, many thanks to Sasha and John for organising such a great event and thanks to John, Zoran and Rob for their invaluable advice on parking which Id have to say is the most nerve wracking bit for a new boy.Looking forward to bumping into you again soon (minus the boat this time).roll on the next HPYFCheersColin

Ernesto Machado, HPYF 2010, Sardinia & Corsica

I returned on Wednesday from Europe …. As I traveled and spoke to people and told them what we had just done, it was amazing their response.  Words like incredible, I can’t believe you just did that, how did you ever get put that together, do you realize how lucky you are….All of us who were on that trip distinguished ourselves from the masses and defined ourselves to one another as unique characters of the world.  And yes, however we worked it out, we were there, four boats of people from all over, sharing the experience in that exotic and most beautiful part of the world.I am so fortunate to have been a part of this event, and the experience, and I thank each of you for your kindness and comradery.  If there is ever another event and any of you are in need of another player, please don’t hesitate contacting me as most of the time, “I’m all in.”A special thanks to Sasha for her organizational prowess, her vibrant personality and for being there for each of us when we needed her.  To John for his leadership, insights and stories on all aspects of sailing. Congratulations to the Flying Dutchmen for winning and for their winning spirits.  And to Colin and his team for their strong push to win and his leadership that got them a close second.  John’s crew were an incredible mix of personalities and people that I will see again in Paris, London and on the water.  And Zoren “Zorro” The Fox and our crew were such a pleasure to share this experiences and space with, really good people.I thank you all and hope to see you next year in the same place and month…Let’s keep in touch!Ernesto

Philip Moppett, HPYF 2011, Sardinia & Corsica

‘John & Sasha, Thanks for a great week in Sardinia & Corsica. Much enjoyed by all our crew & what a great bunch of people. It was Giles' first time on one of these experiences and judging by his comments afterwards he'll be coming back for more. For me the communal meal rafted up together followed by songs made the week…and I saved 10 Euros !!

A lovely sailing area, nice people, good weather - what more could you want ?

Best wishes, Philip & Giles Moppett’


Vimos Thomazy, HPYF 2011, Sardinia & Corsica

‘Sasha, This is just to quickly thank you until I find the time for a more formal feed-back. It was truly wonderful, the places we saw, the weather, the people, the races, but most of all that everyone seemed to enjoy it. Thanks for bringing all this together.

Cheers, Vilmos’

Diane and Martin Suter, HPYF 2011, Sardinia & Corsica

‘… Don't worry about not saying good bye - it was just adieu , till next time. We both had a fab time, and realised what we had missed out on in 2009 and 2010. But it was worth waiting for. We look forward to planning for next year. We are not too worried where it is held next year - it will be super where ever.

Our crew were fantastic. A lovely bunch. Sasha, once again thank you so much for making these wonderful holidays possible and we can't wait for next year.

Take care, Love Diane and Martin’

Dave Brewster, HPYF 2012, Sicily

Hi Sasha
A great week, good scenery, fantastic weather and of course good friends to enjoy it all with. If it is an endorsement of the event, Jak and I will sign up for next year before we know where it is! As far as feedback is concerned, I thought all those bits under your control went well, airport transfers etc. The mooring fees were very high €70 a night is a lot but arguably better than €40 on a bouy with no facilities (power, water, showers etc)
'Marica' was pretty good with only a few minor failings, others didn't fair so well!! It aw a bonus to be able to use the boat all day on Saturday!!
Thanks again for the organisation and see you soon

Veronica Marnell, HPYF 2012, Sicily

‘I thought the week was truly amazing . From the minute we met everyone at Gatwick on the Friday to when we left you all on Sat night it was a fantastic experience. Obviously as this was the first one I had been on I don't have anything to compare it with directly, other than saying it was one of the loveliest holidays I have been on ( and I have been on a few !). The organisation was outstanding and it seemed that we only had to turn up and everything went from there, the amount of work that has undoubtedly gone on in the background meant that everything was seamless from the transfers into Palermo through to the evenings out plus the Welcome and Farewell parties. Having you, Danielle and John on our boat meant we were truly spoilt and wanted for nothing so thank you for that !

The routes we took and the sights we saw were outstanding and of course this was all helped by the beautiful weather as well. I hadn't realised just how spectacular Sicily and the Aeolian Islands were but could quite easily go back for another look.       

I have tried to think of some not so positive feedback to try and balance the email but try as I might I can’t think of any - it was wonderful .

So in summary Sasha it was brilliant - you are obviously extremely good at what you do and have a lovely way about you. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and I cant wait to see everyone again whenever that may be !

Veronica ‘


David Barlow, HPYF 2012, Sicily

‘Sasha, As a new comer to HPYF I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the event, and must congratulate you on all the effort you put into it.

I cruised the Aoelians about 30 years ago, and enjoyed revisiting them. It was certainly nice to visit an area that isn't entirely dominated by Sunsail boats everywhere. It was a shame that the weather didn't allow us to do the full itinerary.

I thought the gourmet evening was a great idea, and worked well. Thank you too for your patience with all the messing about with the transport arrangements. 

All my crew and myself are looking forward to HPYF 2013 and hope to wrest Colin's crown from him, in a boat which is at least competitive.

Thanks again for organising a great event. Best Regards, David Barlow’


Evert Rouw, HPYF 2013, Croatia

'John my friend, you can single me out as long as you remember that I love you too :-). you are not only a great sailor & organizer but a dear friend of everyone in the HPYF....I still value the day when you pointed me the right direction, ending up sailing on boat 47 and later on HPYF...my high point every year!!!

John Hall Hall, HPYF 2013, Croatia

'Hi all,
Thanks for all the positive emails bouncing around and the everyone making it such an enjoyable week.  Evert, I have to single you out for singling everyone else out!!  My crew were great too, and I hereby thank them for making sailing such a pleasure all week.  I love my crew – you are brilliant musicians, dancers, chefs, a diver, an organiser, a kitty-meister, and all sorts of other talent and enthusiasm abounds and, as if that wasn’t enough, you are also a great sailing team.  Thanks for such a memorable week and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

All the best, John'

Spyro Sorotos, HPYF 2013, Croatia

'Hi Sasha
Thanks to you and John for another wonderful week. I believe he is still away so haven't copied him. It's hard to find more, better superlatives to express our enjoyment of this event; so just wanted to congratulate you both on a job well done.

Thanks again, Spyro'

Ernesto and Jan Marie, HPYF 2013, Croatia (Their wedding was held on Pakleni islands nr Hvar, on the boat)

'Sasha, Hello Love,
Well, we are back at home...  Again, we can’t thank you enough for the incredible effort you extended to us for probably the most memorable day in our lives, our wedding ceremony.  It was so beautiful and perfect, could hardly have gone better.  

...We are looking forward to where HPYF will be next year.  When is that decision made and where have you considered?  I heard Turkey or Amalfi Coast.  We’re anxious to know as is everyone I’m sure.


With another exciting and memorable Regatta behind us, we look to the future. Thanks my dear friend and know we love you….   

Ernesto and Jan Marie'